getting fit for 2013

so guys time for a change iv done the partying and drinking. Not that its all over but for now im getting fit and ready for 2013 I am training 3 days a week and sticking to a strict diet with the help of  lean Bodies in newmarket with expert personal trainer jade Skillen. check out there facebook paige and give it a like 🙂 maybe even get involved. watch this space to see how im getting on peace

what im getting up to :)

So, it’s 2013 and I think it’s going to be a busy year with my pro model board and bindings in the new Jobe range and a lot of traveling head. 2012 was an amazing year for me: taking 2nd at worlds and riding great in the wwa world tour. I’m really excited for 2013 and I’m really going to push my riding in a new direction. I want to step up my rail riding as I feel this is where the sport is going and I’ve got to keep with the times :). Over winter I’ve just been in the gym keeping fit and sorting out all the little pains from last year. I’m feeling really good and can’t wait to get out of the UK for some winter riding. 

See you around people, take care and happy new year!